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Art is a space of absolute freedom, where I can express my fascination for color and the geometry.

Space, shape and color are the three elements that make up my work.

I have been working with the unlimited richness of geometry,which investigate with its multiple possibilities,composition,proportion, color and volumen.

The use of color, and repetitive lines and patterns at different levels are elements distinctive of my work, which allow me to generate different visual effects that are attractive to the human eye.

I mainly use bright colors because they represent happiness, especially my use of bright reds, blues, oranges and greens that often reflect the tropical country where I was born and raised.

My process often involves digital media and the skills I have developed throughout my training in architecture.

Art allows me to express my passion for color and geometry. Venezuelan artists like Jesús Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez and Víctor Varela,also Victor Vasarely,Julio Le Parc and Yaacov Agam  have had a profound impact on my artistic vision, as well as my architectural education; which determine the concept of my designs. Having such a versatile background has allowed me to develop a wide variety of artistic and architectural projects to adapt to different environments without altering the essence of the piece of art, in which I always try to convey a message of love and peace. My portfolio includes a variety of artistic expression, sculptures for indoor and outdoor spaces, acrylic paintings and digital art.

Hi, I'm Magdaly Montenegro



Magdaly Montenegro is an architect and artist, born in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated from the Central University of Venezuela with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture. During her professional career, she continued her education in different areas of art, at the Metropolitan University; Obtaining a certificate in Western Art and another in Venezuelan Art, also a certificate in Digital Businesses in the School of Economics of the Central University; as well as numerous workshops that taught her how to work the glass with the techniques of fusion, molding and casting.

Her career path in the art world began in the 1990s; A trajectory that has lasted two decades and throughout these years, she also became a respected professional in the world of architecture, at the same time that she was trained and developed as an artist, participating in numerous artist collective exhibitions in Venezuela, such as the National Fire Arts Show 2010, where she received recognition for his sculpture Ararauna, then her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Florida,North Carolina and New York.

Her works reflect an artistic sensitivity along with a technical preparation that has given rise to pieces of great expressiveness.

Magdaly explores geometric abstraction with an emphasis on the study of color where geometry and color become the subjects of her painting and sculptures. She carefully selected shapes and colors to create the illusion of volume, space, vibration and transparency.

Magdaly Montenegro moved to the United States of America and resides in the state of Florida. She has been working in her studio creating new pieces of art, and is also enjoying the beautiful city of Weston.

Magdaly's work has been  presented in several prestigious and competitive shows.

Wining some awars:

  • Best Sculpture at the Wynwood Juried show in ( spring of 2017)

  • Best Digital Art at the 13th Annual ART Contest, organized by the City of Pembroke Pines 2017

  • Best in Show at the Annual Art Contest organized by the City of Pembroke Pines 2018



2016            Adobe Illustrator,scketchup,Revit architecture.

                    Arts Institute.Caracas,Venezuela


2014            The Artist as an entrepeneur . Entrepeneur Institute. 

                    Art Serve. Fort Lauderdale. Workshop​


2013            Centificate in  Digital Business,Economy School, 

                    Central University ,Caracas Venezuela.


2010-2013   History of Art  continuing education. Art Friends Carmen Araujo Gallery

                    Hacienda La Trinidad Caracas Venezuela.


2008-2009   Certificate in Western Arts.

                    Metropolitan University,Caracas Venezuela.


2009            Color Appreciation studies with Patricia Van Dallen



2007-2008   Certificate in Venezuelan Visual Arts.

                    Metropolitan University.Caracas, Venezuela


2006            ​Glass Casting level I y II studies with Joaquin Morales  

                    Workshop (Glass studio Transparent)


2005​            Utility Glass studies with Joaquin Morales

                    Workshop (Glass studio Transparent)


2004            Glass Sculpture level 1 workshop

                    Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas, Venezuela


1999-2003    Modeling and Casting Sculpture studies with                              

                     Nury Murillo (Integral Art) continuing education workshop


1998            Wood Sculpture level I studies with Harry Abend

                    Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas, Venezuela


1997            Modeling and Casting Sculpture studies with      

                    Daniel Briceno.Workshop


1989            Drawing Athenaeum Valencia, Venezuela


1978            Bachelor Architecture Degree  

                    Central University ,Caracas Venezuela.



2019 Armonías Cromáticas. Centro de Artes Integradas.Caracas Venezuela.


2019 Images of the imagination Coral Spring Museum of Art.FL

2019 Art Fort Lauderdale The art Fair on the water.

2018  Colectiva de Fin de Año .Graphicart Gallery,Caracas Venezuela.


2018  Space Geometry & design. Contemporaneo Asheville Gallery NC


2018  Red Dot Miami  Dag Concept FL


2018   A Journey through Perspective.  Shaphira y Ventura Gallery NY 

2018   "Awarded BEST in SHOW "-   City of Pembroke Pines Arts & Cultural Division

               14th Annual Competition, Studio 18 Gallery, Pembroke Pines, FL


2018   “Una obra por Venezuela" Venezuelan Engagement Foundation and Yellow Bench Gallery, Downtown Miami and                    Wynwood Florida.

2018   "Avant Garde” DBA Artist Entrepreneurs Exhibition Celebrating 10 years of DBA,Fort   Lauderdale, Fl.


2018   "Art & Soul" by Business For The Arts of Broward, Galley One, Fort Lauderdale Fl.


2018  "Light Color & Movement" collective Contemporaneo Asheville.NC

2018 Art FTLAUDERDALE.Art Fair hosted at properties on intracoastal waterways 

2017  WAG 9th Juried Show, Weston,  Fl.

2017 "Layers" 1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

2017  Home at Art, Fort Lauderdale Convention Center, Fl.

2017 Art By Design .IIDA (International Interior Designers Association) Brown Jordan Show Room. Miami FL 


2017 13 th Annual Art Competition City of Pembroke Pines  Studio 18 in the Pines. "Awarded BEST DIGITAL ART "-

2017  Miami Biennale Art Exhibition Fundraiser IPSP August .Miami

2017  Art x Venezuela Habitat residence Condo Hotel, Junio ,Miami


2017 WYNWOOD JURIED SHOW spring edition 2017."Awarded BEST SCULPTURE"-


2017 Art Bravo  exhibition at art serve  Fort lauderdale February


2017 Art FTLAUDERDALE.Art Fair hosted at properties on intracoastal waterways 


2016 Art Center Delray Beach.Art Garage The Catalyst Collection. December- January 2017


2016  Solo Show Lines & Color . Artserve.Gallery Fort Lauderdale.June

2015  Artist entrepeneurArt Exhibition Restrocpective June.

          Art Serv Gallery- Fort Lauderdale


2014  Big is beautiful   Art Serv Gallery- Fort Lauderdale.


2014  Red Eye             Art Serv Gallery- Fort Lauderdale.


2014  In side-out         Art Serv Gallery- Fort Lauderdale.  


2013  Sculpture Biennial Trazos Gallery Caracas Venezuela.


2011  Integrarte  Espacios Calidos , El Hatillo Venezuela.


2010  National arts hall fire 37  Braulio Salazar Gallery .


2008 Art, Architecture and City College of Architects of Venezuela.


2006  Sacred Art Salon. Hatillo Athenaeum  


2006  Sculpture Biennial Trazos Gallery Caracas Venezuela.  


2005  National arts hall fire 32  Braulio Salazar Gallery .


2004  Art Salon  Recycling.


2002  Art Salon  Recycling.  


2001  Collective exhibition, Italy Club. Nury Morillo Workshop


2000  Art Salon  Recycling.


2000  Collective exhibition, Italy Club. Nury Morillo Workshop


1989  Collective exhibition Venezuelan Corporation building. "Awarded Honor mention "-


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